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NuSimi is Reading tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. NuSimi originally SimiDic is the first free/open source electronic dictionary for Android mobile devices. The app was created to maintain the vitality of native languages through mobile phones y promote the learning and literary use of these languages. It includes 30 dictionaries of 11 Native American languages.
For students, travelers and the general public, NuSimi is the perfect tool which doesn’t need an internet connection to function. Download it on your cell phone and take in anywhere you want to go!
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NuSimi means “my language”, from “nu” (my) in Mojeño/Arawak and “simi” (language) in Quechua, because the language which we speak is an essential part of our identity and culture, and we shouldn’t be alienated from our native languages by modern technology. If you know other dictionaries that we can include in NuSimi, please contact us.
"Nu" from Mojeño/Arawak is pronounced like the word "gnu" (with a silent g) in English and we share the free software principles of the GNU Project. "Nu" is also pronounced like “new”, and NuSimi is a new version of our SimiDic app, created in 2011. We have changed the code from Java to Kotlin and it functions in Android 5-12.
NuSimi has a free/open source GPL 3.0+ license and its code is available at, so that you can improve and adapt it for your needs. It includes Simidic Builder to import additional dictionaries in StarDict format. The app is the fruit of a collaboration between KetanoLab ( and the Instituto de Lenguas y Literaturas Andinas-Amazonicas (ILLA).

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