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Locativity is Navigation application that is open source under the BSD-3-Clause license.

Locativity gives you the best available location, based on the geolocation data of all location providers available at the moment including GPS and WiFi. The application is ideal for all activities that require access to GPS coordinates in real time such as geocaching. Locativity is divided into three separate tabs: Location, Weather and Search.

  • The Location tab displays your current position on a map from real-time location sensors: latitude and longitude, altitude, accuracy, speed, and bearing. You can easily share your current location data with a simple Click!
  • The Weather tab automatically detects weather forecasts in your current location. There is a lot of information in weather forecasts that includes atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, relative humidity, wind speed… Weather data are retrieved using the OpenWeatherMap API.
  • The Search tab lets you save, edit or delete your favorite places and search for other places from position.

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