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1.3.0 ISC

Calculate heart rate from camera image

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1.3.0 (5)
Bálint Erdősi
Sports & Health
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HeartBeat app

HeartBeat is Sports & Health tool that is open source under the ISC license. Simple way to estimate the heart rate. Please do not use it for medical purposes !

This utility works by covering the flash as well as the device's camera with a finger, and waiting for 10 seconds. It works best when the person stays still, and the environment is dark.

The phone analyzes the amount of red captured by the camera, and attempts to calculate the heart rate based on the subtle changes it detects.

During the measurement, the application shows the current calculation results, and shows the captured data on a line chart.

Once completed, the following further details are shown:

  • Standardized values, along with their timestamp (the values are scaled between 0 and 1, and a rolling average is applied for smoothing)

  • Timings where a new heart beat is detected.

These data can be shared with other application in order to be exported.

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