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Xiang Rui Meng
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FTP Share app

FTP Share is a file sharing application based on the Apache FTP server component.


  • You can use anonymous mode to log in, specify the shared main path and set the write permission;
  • Several users can be set, and the shared main path and write permission can be specified separately;
  • You can set the main path to external storage (due to different Android versions and device models, the actual use may be different);
  • You can choose to disconnect FTP service automatically in some cases, such as when WiFi connection is disconnected, when hotspot is disconnected, after a specified time;
  • Dark mode, Chinese and English support.

About external calls to the FTP service:

The FTP service of this application is exposed to outside. If you want to start the FTP service of this application through other applications or automation applications such as Tasker, you can do so by calling an intent (see project page for details).

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