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2.7.4 Apache-2.0

Share story url, and you’ll get it in a variety of differernt ways

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2.7.4 (274)
Rahul Jain
Internet, Reading
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Ficsave Middleware app

Ficsave Middleware is Internet application that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license.

Ficsave Middleware is a wrapper around the website. Opening the website, entering the url, choosing options can become tedious after you’ve read your 100th fic.

Current Features:

  • Share fic url with the app to automate what happens.
  • choose a default eBook format for further actions.
  • Download ebook to device or send as attachment directly from ficsave website.
  • Open downloaded eBook by default, or send as attachment via your email app to someone.
  • Added deep link to
  • Added google analytics for different events
  • Download History can be seen

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