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A cross Platform FHEM-HomeAutomation Frontend

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FhemNative is Automation application that is open source under the MIT license.

FhemNative is an open-source mobile App to communicate with FHEM (Home Automation Server) without any programming. It is based on Angular Components inside the Ionic Framework.

App Functions

  • FhemNative is build as a "Room-Structured" environment
  • Rooms can be created manually/automatic, changed, reordered or deleted
  • Rooms can be filled with different components
  • Global settings define the styling and behaviour of the App
  • Created rooms will be stored locally on the device
  • All created rooms including their components can be exported/imported to handle different devices
  • You can choise from different types of connections to FHEM

Fhem Components

  • communicate directly with FHEM
  • act on the behaviour of defined devices in FHEM
  • can manipulate devices in FHEM

Style Components

  • used to manage room components in a structured way
  • some of them can display/response to FHEM values
  • cannot manipulate devices in FHEM

For a detailed description, instructions and animations, please visit the project's Github presence.

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