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3.11.1 GPL-3.0-only

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Georg Sieber
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Customer Database app

Customer Database is Office tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

This simple customer database application is designed for small companies for easy and secure customer management on smartphones and tablets, separated from private contacts.

It is possible to sync your data with a (self-hosted) MySQL server to prevent loss or defect of your mobile device. This also allows to sync the data with multiple devices.

In addition to that, it has tools for the EU-GDPR and you can group customers, manage customers birthdays and vouchers, write newsletters, import customers from VCF files, export your data into VCF or CSV files and print a customer record (PDF export). Additionally, this app has a Dark Mode and the ability to save customer images.

The app shows you the name of the customer for incoming calls if the phone number is stored in the customer database (caller identification / caller ID).

Because of its high flexibility, the application is also often used in non-enterprise areas, such as teachers’ management of parent contact information.

Additional features that can be unlocked via in-app purchase (Google Billing):

  • Custom Fields: also drop down selection lists and sorting by these fields is supported.
  • "Input-Only-Mode": Optional activatable mode that allows only data entry. For example, the device can be handed to showroom visitors.
  • Calendar: Manage customer appointments. Customers can insert the appointment directly into their calendar using a QR code.
  • File Attachments: Attach up to 20 files to a customer.
  • Design Options: Allows you to set your own title bar color and own startup logo.

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