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Alex Pozas-Kerstjens
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Contact Diary app

Contact Diary is Sports & Health tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. Contact Diary is a simple app that allows you to keep a record of the people you have met and the events you have attended to recently. In the undesired event that you test positive for COVID-19, Contact Diary is a place where to quickly find who you must warn about the situation.

How it works
Every day Contact Diary will prompt you to insert the events you have attended and the people you have been with during the day. Through some simple forms you will be able to store the essential information about your contacts, in case you need to retrieve it. Just that. Simple, right? ;)


  • Configurable notification time, so the prompt does not interfere with your daily workflow.

  • Show only potentially risky contacts.

  • Automatic removal of entries older than 15 days.

  • Export your latest contacts to a CSV file that you can share with the authorities.

  • JUST ONE PERMISSION, that needed for the app being able to notify you after device restarts. Nothing else.

  • In particular, NO INTERNET permission. The information entered is yours, and it never leaves your device.

- Wait, isn't this what Governments' contact tracing apps are doing?
No. The goals of Governments' contact tracing apps and of Contact Diary are inherently different. Governments' contact tracing apps notify you when you have been at risk, and Contact Diary serves to remember who you must notify if you test positive.

- Is this app BETTER than Governments' contact tracing apps?
No. Governments' contact tracing apps may account for contacts that you may not be aware of, like the person sitting in a neighboring table at a restaurant, or that other person using the same bus to go to work. Contact Diary IS NOT A REPLACEMENT TO GOVERNMENTS' CONTACT TRACING APPS.

- Is this app WORSE than Governments' contact tracing apps?
No. Government's contact tracing apps crucially rely on all persons interacting to have the app in order to do proper notifications. With Contact Diary, you just need yourself to keep track, and you can easily notify people (or places) that do not use conventional contact tracing apps.

- Will this app share the information I input?
NO. The app has no permissions, so there is no way that it can connect to the internet. The information you insert will never leave your device. Even more, entries in the diary are automatically eliminated when they become older than 15 days.

If you find a bug, have an idea on how to improve Contact Diary or have a question, please visit the Contact Diary project page on GitHub:

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