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1.0.4 GPL-3.0-only

sync your call log with a remote endpoint

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Marko B. Ludolph
Phone & SMS
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Call Log Sync app

Call Log Sync is Phone & SMS tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

In our office, we synchronize the call logs from android with the call logs of our local telephone system and analyze them. We can get up to 95% of the calls with the call log of our local telephone system during our office times. But we need the call logs from our "attendance" android phones too, which are used outside of our office times.

With this android app, you can sync your call log with a remote endpoint.

Privacy Policy:

  • The app only sends the call log to the specified remote endpoint
  • The app does not collect any data at all
  • The app does not send any data to third party services

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