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Yet Another Call Blocker app

Yet Another Call Blocker is Phone & SMS tool that is open source under the AGPL-3.0-only license. A simple call blocking application that will help you avoid answering unwanted calls
using a crowdsourced phone number database.


* Uses offline database.
* Blocks calls with negative rating automatically (option).
* Local blacklist with wildcard support.
* Displays a notification with phone number summary (rating, reviews count, category) during incoming calls (option).
* Automatic incremental/delta database updates (option).
* You can view online reviews for caller's number (provided by 3rd party service).
* "Advanced call blocking mode" for blocking calls on Android 7+ before the phone starts ringing (needs to be manually enabled in app Settings).

How to use:

* Install and launch the app.
* The option to show caller info notifications is enabled by default, so the app will ask for phone-related permissions.
* At first start, the app will suggest to download main database which is required for most of the functions. Simply confirm the download.
* Check the "Auto-update database" checkbox in the menu (recommended) to automatically receive daily DB updates (these are incremental/delta updates, so they consume very little traffic).
* Check the "Block by rating" checkbox to block calls with negative rating automatically.
* You can also check the "Use contacts" checkbox if you want your contacts not to be treated as unknown callers.
* After these steps everything should just work (but you can always find more options in Settings). Enjoy!

See frequently asked questions to learn more.

The main phone number database is downloaded from a gitlab repository.
Database updates and detailed review queries are performed using 3rd-party servers.
No user-identifiable information is sent (except for the phone number
the detailed reviews are loaded for).

Yet Another Call Blocker is still under development. Any help is welcome.

''NonFreeNet:'' the 3rd-party service is not open source.

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