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xkcd and what if viewer for me and all xkcd lovers

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Jienan XYZ
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xkcd is Internet tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license.

xkcd is yet another xkcd comics and what if articles viewer, while I’m refining it to become the best one, an easy and lite app with best in-app browsing experience.

This app has so far:

  • the best support to all those large xkcd comics. e.g. No. 657, 1040, and the toughest No. 980.
  • the best experience to read what if articles on mobile screen.
  • the most fantastic list to browse xkcd archive.
  • the quickest and most convenience way to check Explainxkcd, just hold and tap.
  • the adorable favorite and thumb-up feature to your beloved comics and artcles.

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