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Information, combination charts and a live help chat for recreational drugs

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TripSit app

Brought to you by TripSit, an organisation leading the online harm reduction
community, this app provides a substantial amount of content intended to help
users reduce the harm involved in taking drugs. TripSit collects relevant and
easily digestible data on most recreational drugs, including recommended dosages
and interactions with other substances, and it. This app pulls data directly from our database, which is
constantly updated to reflect the latest scientific and anecdotal research.

We also provide chat rooms where people can get advice from real people without
fear of persecution or judgement. The chat option connects to the #tripsit
channel, which is used to provide care and assistance to people having a
difficult time on a substance. Our other channels can be used for general
conversation, to ask questions about the content we provide or to get more
information on how to reduce the harm involved in drug use.

Please note that this information is presented for educational purposes only,
and cannot include all of the information required to make informed decisions
regarding drug use; all drugs affect every user differently. Dosage and
combination data is provided as a general guideline, not as a recommendation and
not as medical advice. If you believe you are in need of medical aid, then seek
medical attention immediately. TripSit does not endorse drug use, and while our
team makes a best effort to provide accurate information, we do not claim that
it is 100% correct. Always do your own research and be safe.

While this app comes in many languages, we ask that users use English in the
main chat rooms. This helps ensure the best level of communication to get advice
across to users. We also ask that users are mindful of the two primary rules:
Keep a positive attitude, and no solicitation. Please conform to the

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