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1.1 GPL-3.0-only

Helps you to be organized, develop new habits and see time left for your life

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Celestial Phineas, Guangchen Lin, Biao Geng
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Trinspect is Time application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

Be organized. Be new. And be self-educated.

Trinspect, i.e. "the three self-inspections", is a tool to help you organize your tasks, to develop a habit, and to see the time left for your life or college years.

Items (or "Trinspects") can be added with varied importance assigned. Trinspect will help you rank the tasks in order by their importance and due dates and thus help you organize your tasks at hands.

Trinspect may also help you develop a new habit. Tell us how frequently you will perform the habit and we will remind you when to do something.

There's a feature called "time left" in Trinspec that will help you see the time left for your life, college years and holidays. We hope this will encourage you to cherish every minute in your life and make the seconds count.

In Trinspect, you can see every progress you've achieved with us. Calendar, Timeline, Statistics and Achievements will help you see what you have done better.

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