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Text Converter is Writing application that is open source under the GPL-2.0-only license.

Text Converter is a utility to deal with texts – either manually entered, or loaded from a file. You can do simple search-and-replace (or use regular expressions for that), count characters, shuffle, inverse, encrypt and more. It even supports formatting of Java, JSON and HTML.

The text is typed manually in the app or copied from anywhere text/strings need processing. For example, select MD5 hashing in menu, enter a string, press the executing button and get the result. It’s mainly developers or digital enthusiasts that may use the app. Without this, the current open source solution on Android is terminal emulators with corresponding packages installed, which is obviously not friendly to end users.

The functions that have been implemented are:

  • String search (optional regular expression matching)
  • String replacement/removal (regular expression matching is optional)
  • Text segmentation, scramble, and sort (if the text is a string of numbers, it can be sorted according to the size of the number)
  • AES encryption and decryption
  • Java code formatting, JSON formatting, HTML formatting
  • Base64 encoding/decoding, MD5 digest generation
  • Morse code encoding/decoding
  • String reversal, segmentation, indentation, labeling, case conversion, batch copy
  • Markdown preview
  • Generate random numbers and text draws in custom formats
  • HTML/XML/JSON/Java/CSV/ECMAScript escape and inversion
  • Escape regular expression
  • Read/write from file
  • Get webpage source code
  • Calculate string similarity
  • Custom regular expression
  • Generate random string
  • Generate pinyin from Chinese characters
  • Undoable edit
  • Remove blank characters at both ends of the string
  • Reference documents with regular expressions

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