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tweak Android's resource values

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Luis Bocanegra
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Substratum Tweaks app

Substratum Tweaks is Theming tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license.

Substratum Tweaks is a substratum theme to tweak Android's resource values on recent android versions.

By using this software accept the responsibility of any error that could be caused by the options in this theme, the majority of them were tested using custom roms and are not warranted to work with OEM software.

Please read how to recover from a bootloop or system crash before using this!!!


  • Android System
    • Status Bar height
    • Q+ UI & Screen rounded corners
    • Q+ force rounded recents
    • S+ Alternate accent color options from Material You generated colors
    • more...
  • System UI
    • Q+ Notification panel side padings
    • Status Bar icon limits
    • R+ Blur radius
    • R+ Power controls columns
    • Q+ PIP rounded corners
    • S+ Combined Status bar icons
    • Q+ Notification panel radius
    • Q+ QS panel rows & columns
    • Wifi & Data activity indicators
    • more...

This app requires a rooted Android device and substratum lite theme engine.

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