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Accompany your book with Sobuu. Track your progress & share moments on any page!

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Ayoze Perez
Internet, Reading
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Sobuu is Internet application that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. "Introducing Sobuu, your ultimate companion for tracking your reading progress and enhancing your literary journey. With Sobuu, you can effortlessly monitor your progress as you delve into the pages of your favourite books, ensuring that no chapter goes unexplored.

Track Your Progress:
Stay on top of your reading goals with intuitive progress tracking features. Whether you're breezing through pages or taking your time to savour each word, Sobuu lets you visualize your reading journey with ease. Monitor your progress by page or percentage, ensuring that you're always one step closer to completing your adventures.

Write Comments on Each Page:
Capture your thoughts and insights as you read with Sobuu's innovative commenting feature. Seamlessly jot down your favourite reflections directly on each page or percentage, allowing you to engage with others that have gone through the same passages.

Join Sobuu community today and elevate your reading experience to new heights. Download now and embark on a journey of literary discovery and self-expression like never before."

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