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scans your SMS for any known domain that is related with the spyware Predator

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Andronikos Koutroumbelis
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SMS Predator Scan app

SMS Predator Scan is Security tool that is open source under the MIT license.

Predator, developed by Cytrox and distributed by Intellexa, is a spyware that can gain complete control over the mobile devices it infects. This includes accessing personal messages and files, recording calls, and monitoring the environment via camera and microphone, even when the device appears to be turned off. The infection can take place when the target device opens an infected web address, which may have been sent from an unknown number via SMS.

The Predator is a spy tool intended for intelligence services. Leaked emails put the rental price at several million euros, with costs rising from a number of targets onwards. Thus, the use of this application is only appropriate for persons who could have been targeted by high-level agencies, and not everyday persons (e.g. a partner). It should be noted, however, that at least 42 suspicious targeting websites have been recorded with Predator at the Greek level, and thus, the number of domestic targets may not be minimal.

The SMS Predator Scan app scans all SMS messages on the device under examination for the presence of URL links to any of the 326 malicious addresses created by Cytrox, most likely for Predator attacks. These addresses were provided by Amnesty International's technical department, collected in cooperation with Meta (Facebook's owner) and Google, and most recently updated on 23-5-2022.

The app performs no other task beyond checking SMS for the aforementioned malicious addresses, does not keep copies of SMS, and does not collect data of any type. The checking takes place locally and the app does not communicate with any external server.

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