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4.0.0 Apache-2.0

Near ultra-high frequency listener

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4.0.0 (7)
Security, System
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PilferShush Scanner app

PilferShush Scanner is Security application that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license.

PilferShush is an Android near-ultra high frequency (NUHF) listener with microphone polling and NUHF/ACR SDK detector. It serves as test application for researching methods of discovering use of audio beacons.

Since v4.0.0, this app is being updated to run as an audio scanner only (specifically Near Ultra-High Frequency). Reasoning is I need a dedicated scanner for a privacy project coming up soon and the Jammer app is already taking up a lot of time just adapting to Android API changes to remain a viable microphone jamming app.

For additional details please see the project’s code repository.

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