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PhoneTrack for Android

0.1.0 GPL-3.0-or-later

Log positions to Nextcloud PhoneTrack app or any custom server

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0.1.0 (20)
Julien Veyssier
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PhoneTrack app

PhoneTrack is Navigation application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-or-later license. PhoneTrack is an application for continuous logging of location coordinates.
Application works in background. Points are saved at chosen frequency and
uploaded to a server in real time (or when network connectivity becomes available).
This logger works with
[ PhoneTrack Nextcloud app] or any
custom server (GET or POST HTTP requests). PhoneTrack app can also be remotely
controlled by SMS commands.

# Features

- Log to multiple destinations with multiple settings (frequency, min distance, min accuracy, significant move)
- Log to PhoneTrack Nextcloud app (PhoneTrack log job)
- Log to any server which can receive HTTP GET or POST requests (custom log job)
- Store positions when network is not available
- Remote control by SMS:
- get position
- activate alarm
- start all logjobs
- stop all logjobs
- create a logjob
- Start on system boot
- Display devices of a Nextcloud PhoneTrack session on a map
- Dark theme
- Multi-Lingual User-Interface (translated on )

# Requirements

If you want to log to Nextcloud PhoneTrack app :

- Nextcloud instance running
- Nextcloud PhoneTrack app enabled

Otherwise, no requirements! (Except Android>=4.3)

# Alternatives

If you don't like this app and you are looking for alternatives: Have a look at the logging methods/apps
in PhoneTrack wiki : .

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