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Notes is Writing application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

Look no further as this is the notes and organizer tool you have been looking for: Astian Notes - To Do List Organizer & Planner, the best free note taking app for Android mobile phones that can help you keep track of the shopping list and many other things. Take good notes and record each one of everything related to your life with this daily planner. No complicated setup steps needed, just tap the screen and write what you came for and create and keep notes, quick lists, checklists or backups for any ideas or keep notes as a daily planner. With your simple personal notebook you can quickly remember anything! Grocery shopping list, to-do list for your daily schedule, and easier note-taking to make scheduling meetings a walk in the park…

Astian´s planner is a quick, easy-to-use organizer and remarkable colorful note-taking widget, and it will serve as an invaluable tool to help you remember necessary information and keep notes from the shopping list at the mall.

Our planning tool lets you keep track of your duties, create daily sticky ideas, and shopping lists for items or ideas with unprecedented simplicity, remarkableness, and unmatched time-saving value. Manage your schedule with proper and good notes like a daily planner - use one of our note-taking apps: Astian Notes :)

Astian Notes: To-do list organizer and planner comes with an automatic save so you don´t accidentally discard your changes. It also supports the creation of multiple independent plain text notes and lists very quickly. Now you can also take notes as an agenda without any problem.

You can easily access your lists and organize your to-do list, using the customizable and resizable widget, which opens the Astian Notes organizing apps by tapping. It is easy to use and contains absolutely no unnecessary ads or permissions, with no strings attached. Astian Notes is open source, provides customizable colors that can be adjusted with quick and easy adjustments.

Astian Notes - Task organizer and planner is the best organizer for taking notes that you can use without ads. If you need a high-quality organizer for a fast, reliable and good notepad.

See the complete set of the Astian suite here, and find the Simple Notes Pro Standalone Website here.

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