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Learn music notation easily. All clefs.

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Patrick Pauli
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Noten lernen is Science & Education application that is open source under the MIT license.

Learn Music Notes is an advanced app which enables to learn reading and playing written music. UI is available in 11 languages. It gives good feedback and shows your development in a graph. Notes can be entered by name, piano and even MIDI (which enables to connect your piano directly). It supports 4 different clefs, 3 overall difficulty settings, four options for the accidentals and the optional display of the correct note after a false entry. This app is far more advanced than the existing app and is recommended by piano teachers.


  • Input modes: Buttons or Piano
  • Score history (You’ll see quickly how much you improve!)
  • Practice all clefs (treble, bass, alto, tenor) that you need to master
  • Three difficulty levels (the harder, the more notes with ledger lines you’ll get)
  • ♯ and ♭ accidentals

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