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Fruit Radar for Android

v1.236 GPL-3.0-only

Find edible plants and share them online!

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Nicco Kunzmann
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Fruit Radar app

Find plants and share them online!
You have your phone with you all the time. When you find an edible plant, you like to share with others, you can record location, type and a photo. Later, when you have Internet, you can upload it to the map of free plants to eat:
  • Collect all plant data offline
  • Integrated map to find plants
  • Notifications when plants are nearby
  • Plants and map in offline mode
  • Plant sources:,,
  • Publish plants to and

  • CAMERA to take a photo of the plant
  • GPS to auto-fill the location
  • INTERNET to upload the plant and display a map
  • STORAGE (optional) to save the plants as JSON in an exportable format and save the app log so you can help us when the app crashes
  • VIBRATE (optional) to be notified about plants nearby

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