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1.0 GPL-3.0-only

A beautiful gallery app with minimal and simple user interface.

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Vidit Gupta
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Floral app

Floral is Multimedia application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

Note: This app is no longer maintained, its repository was removed.

Floral Gallery is literally the best photo gallery app for your Android phone. You don’t have to make any trade-off because Floral is BETTER than any other apps in EVERY aspect.

Floral Gallery is the fastest app for viewing HD photos, search photos and managing albums. A minimal and simple user interface Combining the beautiful look of material design and the simplicity we have made the app a great pleasure to look at and to use. Enjoy the best part from both worlds in one app.

Floral also offer multiple themes and styles to select when viewing your photos. Your photos and videos are automatically organized by when and where you take them. See your photos and videos by where you take them in the map view. Create and manage photo albums Organise your photos and videos by creating albums, setting your favourite albums and hiding unnecessary albums.

Hide your private photos from your friends using screen pinning. Protect your privacy. Move photos and videos you want to keep secret to the secure screen using our all new screen pinning feature. The hidden photos and videos won't be visible in the images grid. Only you can see the photos by entering the main gallery.

  • File Manager: Floral also provides a full fledged file manger integrated within the app to access your storage content as fast as possible.
  • Hidden Folders: You can exclude the folders you don't want to be shown in the main screen.
  • Delightful Animations: This Gallery App will delight you with its awesome and beautiful Animations.
  • Exif Data: With Camera Roll you can see and edit the Exif-Data of your pictures.
  • Virtual Albums: Create Virtual Albums to join multiple directories in one album using the file explorer, without the need of moving or copying any files.
  • Design All: new material design with the modal menu option to make the UI look more intuitive.

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