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Google Earth View plugin for Muzei

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Rafhaan Shah
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Earth View for Muzei app

Earth View for Muzei is Theming application that is open source under the MIT license. - Plugin for Muzei to fetch satellite landscape imagery from Google Earth View.
- This is NOT a standalone application, it requires the Muzei app by Roman Nurik and Ian Lake, available at or by searching the Play Store for 'Muzei'.
- Once both are installed, this app will appear in the Sources tab of Muzei, all other settings are controlled by Muzei. This app does not add any icons to your home screen.
- Clicking the title of a picture in the Muzei app will open the Earth View page for that image in your web browser, and will allow you to download the image to your device.
- All images are from and this app is in no way affiliated with Google and does not own any of the images provided.
- Inspired by the 'Earth View from Google Earth' Chrome extension by Google.

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