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1.3.2 MIT

bridge ANT+ Cycling Speed/Cadence/HR sensors as Bluetooth LE sensors

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1.3.2 (6)
Mark Kuo
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CSC BLE Bridge app

CSC BLE Bridge is Connectivity tool that is open source under the MIT license.

This is an Ant+ to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Bridging app for ANT+ Cycling Speed and Cadence (CSC) sensors and ANT+ heart rate sensors. The app will act as a Cycling speed/cadence and/or HR BLE sensor so other BLE device (phone, PC, Mac, tablet) can reads data from ANT+ sensors.

This is an Android app which reads ANT+ cycling speed/cadence (CSC) and/or heart rate sensors in the background (actually in an Android foreground service), and advertises itself as a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device which implements Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile (CSCP) and Heart Rate Profile (HRP) so that other devices can see this Android device as a Cycling Speed and Cadence Bluetooth and/or Heart Rate BLE sensor.

This is useful when you only have ANT+ CSC/HR sensors but you want to connect to them as BLE sensors (provided that you don't have an USB ANT+ stick around but happen to have an ANT+ enabled Android device like a Samsung phone).

Long hold on the sensors name on top of the screen to rescan for Ant+ devices after the "Start BLE bridging" button has been pressed. All sensors will automatically scan for Ant+ sources when the "Start BLE bridging" button is pressed.

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