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Clinometer for Android

1.2.2 GPL-3.0-only

A simple app to measure the inclination of your device using the accelerometers

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Clinometer app

Clinometer is Science & Education application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

Basic Air Data Clinometer is a simple App to measure your device’s inclination angles with respect to gravity’s direction using the onboard accelerometers. It is a basic and lightweight App with geometric-inspired graphics that can be used as Clinometer or Bubble Level. It is intended to measure, not store data.

A „Getting Started“ guide can be found here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please go to Settings and calibrate it before use. The measurement’s precision mainly depends on the accuracy of the calibration: use a good horizontal and vertical reference.


  • Bubble Level (horizontal)
  • Clinometer (vertical)
  • Measure with the Camera (vertical only)


  • X (Yellow) = The angle between the horizontal plane and the horizontal axis of the screen
  • Y (Yellow) = The angle between the horizontal plane and the vertical axis of the screen
  • Z (Yellow) = The angle between the horizontal plane and the axis that comes out perpendicular to the screen
  • Pitch (White) = The angle between the contour line (inclined, white) and the reference axis (horizontal or vertical, dashed white) on the screen plane
  • Roll (White) = The angle between the screen and the horizontal plane

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