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Rate and review movies and series you saw. Build your own review database !

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CineLog is Multimedia tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. Rate and review movies you saw. Build your own review database !


  • Search for movies and series with [] API;

  • Choose tmdb language you want to use;

  • Add a review for movies and series you found in a local database;

  • Can't find the movies you're looking for ? Create a review without tmdb search;

  • Choose the maximum rating you want to use;

  • Save your movie and serie wishlist;

  • Save your current series progress;

  • Use tags to group series and movies;

  • Export your review database in CSV format;

  • Import an existing review database;

  • Enable an automatic CSV backup (can then be synchronised with a cloud client).


  • INTERNET to look for movies in tmdb

  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE to know if you're connected to Internet or not

  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to read files to import

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to export database as a CSV file

Special thanks:

To Christopher Bodtke that wrote German translation.
To Diego Sangunietti that wrote Spanish translation.
To verahawk that wrote Polish translation.
To Vistaus that wrote Dutch translation.
To sr093906 that wrote Chinese translation

To Kerstin Maur that kindly designed an icon for CineLog and suggested colors.

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