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0.8.7 (37)
Ivan Zderadicka
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audioserve app

audioserve is Multimedia application that is open source under the MIT license.

This is an Android client for audioserve, a simple personal server to serve audiofiles files from folders intended primarily for audio books.

Available features:

  • Browses collections and folders
  • Plays files in folder one after another
  • Progressive playback - starts as soon as possible
  • Advanced playback features - skip silence and playback speed and pitch (in pull up player bar)
  • Caches ahead next n files (1 - 5 as per preferences)
  • Aggressively caches server responses (use reload to force latest data)
  • Downloads part of or whole folder to cache (swipe playable item to left to see download button)
  • Offline mode - plays only from cache
  • Remembers up to 100 recently listened positions
  • Bookmarks (on folder or file)
  • Search (for folder names)
  • Folder details - with picture and text (if present in the folder) and summary
  • Intenet search - search author, boook ... (uses folder name and optional prefix to search on google)
  • Notifications - Media notification with controls, plus notification for other features (sleep timer, downloads)
  • Supports Android lifecycle - rotations, back, stop activity etc...
  • Supports Android audio focus (pauses when call comes in etc.)
  • Advanced playback features - playback speed, skip silence, boost volume

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