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Bring a Periodic Table with you anywhere you go with no ads or other nonsense!

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Jonatan Lindemann
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Atomic is Science & Education application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

Atomic – Periodic Table is an open-source app, designed to be intuitive, which means that the app works great for both those who only wants basic chemistry and physics information like an elements atomic weight to more advanced users who might want more detailed data like an isotope’s halftime or an elements ionization energy. There are multiple tables available in the app as well as some options to easily visualize data with more coming in the near future. ’Atomic - Periodic Table’ is a burden-less experience with no ads or other nonsense, just all the data you need for your chemistry or physics project!

Atomic - Periodic Table will also continue to grow as more feature updates will be coming bi-monthly adding more data sets, additional details, additional visualization options for the main ’Periodic Table’ and much more.

Atomic - Highlights

  • Periodic Table – Bring an intuitive periodic table with you on the go
  • Dynamic Table – The main table can switch data with a simple tap of a button to easily show and visualize important data.
  • Electronegativity Table – Easily see the difference of electronegativity between different elements.
  • Solubility Table – See which compounds are soluble with which
  • Electrochemical Series – Easily view elements electrode potential
  • Dictionary – Master the periodic table with the help of an inbuilt dictionary
  • Element Details – Information about every element
  • Favorite Bar – Select which element details are most important to you, for easier access
  • Offline Mode – To save data enable the offline mode which will disable the loading of some images.
  • And much more!
  • Isotope Panel – Explore a vast number of isotopes

Current Data:

  • Atomic Number
  • Atomic Weight
  • Discovery Details
  • Group
  • Appearance
  • Isotope Data
  • Density
  • Electronegativity
  • Block
  • Electron Shell details
  • Boiling Point (Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • Melting Point (Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • Electron Configuration
  • Ion Charge
  • Ionization Energies
  • Atomic Radius (Empirical and calculated)
  • Covalent Radius
  • Van Der Waals Radius
  • Phase (STP)
  • Protons
  • Neutrons
  • Isotope Mass
  • Halflife
  • Fusion Heat
  • Specific Heat Capacity
  • Vaporization Heat
  • And more

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