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AntennaPod is Multimedia application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. AntennaPod is a podcast manager and player that gives you instant access to millions of free and paid podcasts, from independent podcasters to large publishing houses such as the BBC, NPR and CNN. Add, import and export their feeds hassle-free using the iTunes podcast database, OPML files or simple RSS URLs. Download, stream or queue episodes and enjoy them the way you like with adjustable playback speeds, chapter support and a sleep timer. Save effort, battery power and mobile data usage with powerful automation controls for downloading episodes (specify times, intervals and WiFi networks) and deleting episodes (based on your favourites and delay settings). Made by podcast-enthusiasts, AntennaPod is free in all senses of the word: open source, no costs, no ads. Import, organize and play • Manage playback from anywhere: homescreen widget, system notification and earplug and bluetooth controls • Add and import feeds via the iTunes and directories, OPML files and RSS or Atom links • Enjoy listening your way with adjustable playback speed, chapter support, remembered playback position and an advanced sleep timer (shake to reset, lower volume) • Access password-protected feeds and episodes Keep track, share & appreciate • Keep track of the best of the best by marking episodes as favourites • Find that one episode through the playback history or by searching titles and shownotes • Share episodes and feeds through advanced social media and email options, the services and via OPML export Control the system • Take control over automated downloading: choose feeds, exclude mobile networks, select specific WiFi networks, require the phone to be charging and set times or intervals • Manage storage by setting the amount of cached episodes, smart deletion and selecting your preferred location • Adapt to your environment using the light and dark theme • Back-up your subscriptions with the integration and OPML export Join the AntennaPod community! AntennaPod is under active development by volunteers. You can contribute too, with code or with comment! Our friendly forum members are happy to help with every question you have. You are invited to discuss features and podcasting in general, too. Transifex is the place to help with translations:

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