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1.7 GPL-2.0-only

Remote control for VDR

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AndroVDR app

AndroVDR is an Android application to control the Linux based VDR.


  • remote control
  • views for channels, timer, recordings, EPG
  • search in EPG (epgsearch plugin in VDR required)
  • display channel logos (not included)
  • adjustable text size
  • 2 different layouts
  • 1 additional, user definable, layout
  • layout change by "swipe" (Android 2.1)
  • control with gestures
  • volume control with HW-Keys
  • control multiple VDR’s
  • SSH tunneled connection over internet
  • WOL over WLAN or internet (long click on power-on)
  • App2SD
  • Live TV, needs streamdev server and an external player, such as VPlayer

Note: This is a fork of the original app (were development stopped at v1.5 in 2012). It contains some adjustments to make the app working again with CM13+ (see this Forum thread) – and currently it seems to work at least up to Android 8.

Though being a bit old, it seems to be in high demand and favored over newer apps, so I’ve made the exception to add it to this repo nevertheless, on special request by @STP_KITT. Updates are rather unlikely, though.

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