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Quick shortcut for setting alarms based on your preferred amount of sleep.

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Anton Lazarev
Time, Sports & Health
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Warpclock app

Warpclock is Time tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. Warpclock provides a quick shortcut for setting alarms based on your preferred amount of sleep. No more mental math before bed - after a single button press, your head can hit the pillow and you will warp forwards in time with minimal interruption.

How to use

When you open Warpclock for the first time, you should configure your preferred amount of sleep using the in-app controls. There are buttons to increase and decrease the amount by 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 1 minute. You only need to set this once.

There is also a button labeled "Set alarm" inside the app. Pressing this button will create a new one-shot alarm in your default alarm clock app, configured to wake you up after your personalized amount of time has passed. The alarm will automatically delete itself from your alarm app once it has triggered, keeping your list of saved alarms clean.

Once the alarm is created, you'll get two toast notifications. The first notification is from Warpclock, displaying the time that the new alarm should go off. The second notification comes from the system alarm clock, confirming that it was created sucessfully and displaying how far in the future the alarm will occur.

The app also exposes a widget that you can add to your homescreen for even faster access.

In the default launcher, just long-press on your homescreen background and drag the "Warpclock" widget to a location on your homescreen, and drag the edges to resize as desired. Tapping on the widget text will create a new alarm just as if you'd pressed the "Set alarm" button in the app. You'll get the same two toast notifications as well.

The alarm is created in your default alarm clock app, so you should use that to configure the default alarm sound and vibration settings. Once an alarm is created, if the trigger time needs to be adjusted, that should also be done in the default alarm clock app.

Current limitations
This app currently does not handle Daylight Savings Time changes, it simply adds the configured amount and rolls over at 24 hours. You'll need to manually fix a couple of alarms per year if you live in a region that still changes the time back and forth.

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