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WairToNow - Aviation Navigation for Android

5.1 GPL-2.0-only

Aviation mappng program, includes geo-referenced airport diagrams and plates.

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5.1 (50100)
Mike Rieker
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WairToNow is Navigation application that is open source under the GPL-2.0-only license. Open-source aviation mappng program, no-nonsense basics with minimum bells and
whistles. Includes geo-referenced airport diagrams and approach plates.
Source on https://github.com/mrieker/WairToNow

App covers areas covered by US charts, including sectionals, terminal area
charts, helicopter charts and what's left of world charts. Also included is
mapping via OpenStreetMaps for walking/biking to nearby $100 hamburger stands,
as well as georeferenced approach plates and airport diagrams. Also provides
OpenStreetMap-backed runway diagrams for all airports, though they are
primarily used for those airports that don't have official FAA-provided
airport diagram plates. Approach plates include an optional on-screen DME
display that the user can configure.

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