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Trentino public transport: trips, lines and stops

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Tridenta is Navigation tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license. Tridenta loads and shows the public transport data of the italian region "Trentino". You can view information about stops, lines and most importantly trips, whose delay can be queried in real time! The app also has favorites and history, and allows creating shortcuts in the phone launcher.

  • Stops: view and search stops all across Trentino, and see which lines pass by a stop

  • Lines: filter urban and suburban lines by area by choosing from a map of Trentino

  • Trips: view trips performed by a line or passing by a stop at a specific time, with arrival times, delay, headsign and direction information

  • Favorites and history are shown in the drawer for easy access to the lines or stops you use the most

  • Shortcuts in your phone's application launcher can link directly to a specific screen inside Tridenta, allowing you to save even more time

Tridenta was built using Jetpack Compose, along with Material 3 design, and supports dark and light themes with dynamic colors (Android 12+ only). The information shown in Tridenta comes from the same APIs that the official "Muoversi in Trentino" app uses.

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