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Setter - A multi-purpose search app for Android APK

0.1.17 Apache-2.0

A meta-search, reverse image search and translator tool packed in one package.

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0.1.17 (18)
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Setter app

Setter is Internet tool that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license.

What is Setter?

A setter in volleyball game is a critical player who play the role of building up offensive opportunities by passing the ball to hitters for final scoring. This app, Setter, is the same kind of player when it comes to information searching on Android devices.

Setter is a meta-search tool, reverse image search tool and translator tool all packed in the same package. Setter will try every possible way to help you pass your query to as many search providers as you can wish for. It can serve as a system-wide assistant app or can be launched by using widget or in selected text context menu.

What can Setter do?

Setter can help you with the following:

  • Search for the selected text in multiple search engines all at the same time. Currently support search in two user customized web page search engines, twitter, reddit, Chinese Wechat and Chinese Weibo

  • Reverse search for a image file or a image link shared to Setter app, using search engine Google, Bing, Yandex and Chinese Sogou

  • Translate selected text in a popup window provided by local installed dictionary app ColorDict, or pass the text to online translator including DeepL, Google Translator and UrbanDictorary

  • Multiple search engines for you to choose from as the primary global search engine and specialized local search enginen. Support switching among various searching engines on the fly by long click on it's tab title area

Privacy focus

Setter use Android system webview a lot and it make sure Geolocation API is turned off and MetricsOptOut turned on to prevent leaking browsing data to Google.

When doing reverse image search, Setter will resize the image to a low resolution and strip off EXIF data before upload it to the search engines. Setter will also rename the file to a generic name.

Setter support and promot search engines which respect user's privacy, like DuckDuckGo, StartPage and Swisscows. Setter also support and recommend using a local dictionary app to guard your reading habit from leaking.

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