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1.2.1 EUPL-1.2

A Gemini Protocol client that’ll run on any Android device no matter how old

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Phaedra is Internet application that is open source under the EUPL-1.2 license.

Phaedra has been developed with no libraries or dependencies and will run on the oldest Android devices - the user interface reflects this. For a full-featured Gemini client install Ariane instead.

Phaedra started as an experiment but it's a reasonably usable app and there have been a few requests for sister app Ariane to support older Android OS versions. Hopefully Phaedra fills that gap.

Note: Although Phaedra should run on any Android device; Gemini requires TLS, very old devices may have outdated and unsupported TLS versions and crypto suites. So if you get a crash on a very old device but not on a newer one - that may be the cause. This is a young app and with more development hopefully it’ll fail more gracefully if/when this happens (I need to find an old enough device to test on).

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