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OSMfocus Reborn for Android

1.5.1-fdroid Apache-2.0

Examine OpenStreetMap (OSM) elements to "focus" your view of the map

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OSMfocus Reborn app

OSMfocus Reborn is an open source tool for examining OpenStreetMap (OSM) elements by moving around on a map. Also known as OSM Focus Reborn or OpenStreetMap Focus Reborn.

Move the crosshair in the middle of the map over a building or road to view its keys and values. A line will be drawn connecting the element with a box on the side of the screen. This box contains every tag of the element in OpenStreetMap. Use this information to find bugs or to investigate an area closer. Click on one of the boxes if you want even more detailed information.

Change the basemap (background layer) or add your own by going to the settings screen (cog icon).

Source, issue tracking and more info:


- "full network access": display background map, retrieve OSM data
- "precise location": (optional) move the map to the device's current location


OSMfocus allows you to view OpenStreetMap data. This data is © (Copyright) OpenStreetMap contributors and is available under the Open Database License. https://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright

This app is a complete re-write of the now (07-11-2020) defunct OSMfocus by Network42 / MichaelVL ("Apache License 2.0" license.). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dk.network42.osmfocus https://github.com/MichaelVL/osm-focus

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