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Joshua Cerdenia
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NiceFeed is Reading application that is open source under the MIT license.

NiceFeed is an RSS Reader for Android. This started out as a personal project while getting the hang of Kotlin. RSS is an old technology and there are already many readers out there, but I find many of them hard to navigate and jam-packed with features I don't need. The aim is an attractive and intuitive app, leightweight but fully functional with not too many frills.

NiceFeed is now in Beta and available on Google Play. It is also now available on F-Droid for non-Play Store users. Please note that until a stable release, some functionality may still be limited. I'm constantly updating this app and trying to make it better. I would truly appreciate any and all feedback, especially if you find any issues or bugs, or have ideas for new features (please open an issue). I also welcome contributions.


  • RSS parsing provided by RSS Parser
  • Search engine powered by Feedly Search API
  • OPML support (importing and exporting) provided by Rome Tools
  • Ability to organize feeds by category
  • Star/unstar and mark entries as read/unread

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