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GPSd Forwarder for Android

1.0.4 MIT

Service to forward NMEA messages to a GPSd server

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1.0.4 (5)
Tiago Koji Castro Shibata
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GPSd Forwarder app

GPSd Forwarder is Navigation application that is open source under the MIT license. This application forwards NMEA data from your phone's GPS to a specified host.
It's goal is to easily plug and feed data into a GPS server service (e.g. GPSd),
using your cellphone as a GPS device. This way, your cellphone can be used as a
GPS in navigation or robotics applications running in a host computer.

Data is forwarded using UDP. First, make sure the computer's IP is reachable
from your cellphone; this is the case in most default access points, so it
should work if both are connected to the same WiFi network.

On the host machine, execute `gpsd -N udp://:` (e.g. `gpsd -N udp://*:29998`). In
the app, enter your host's IP and port and hit Start. Your host is now
receiving GPS data forwarded from your phone. You can test it with gpsmon or
other GPSd utilities.

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