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Japanese dictionary made with flutter

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Fujiten app

Fujiten is Science & Education tool that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

Fujiten is a Japanese dictionary application made with the flutter framework.

Definition and kanji comes from the EDICT dictionary, compiled as a database from the edict_database project.


In order to fujiten to work, the Expression Database and the Kanji Database are needed.

The databases can be downloaded and installed from fujiten via the "settings/databases menu or by downloading the database manually from https://github.com/odrevet/edict_database

Top menu


Access the settings menu.

The settings menu allow you to download the dictionaries, set brightness and read legal information.


Radicals <>

Will match kanji composed with the selected radicals

Kanji character Ⓚ

Will match any kanji

Kana character ㋐

Will match a hiragana/katakana character

Joker .*

Any match


In case your device is not equipped with a Japanese input keyboard, fujiten can convert Latin character (romaji) to hiragana or katakana.

Lowercase romaji will be converted to hiragana, uppercase romaji will be converted to katakana.

Kotoba / Kanji search

When Kotoba is selected, fujiten will search for expression.

When Kanji is selected, fujiten will search for kanji.


Clear the input field.

Run the search.


  • Search are performed with regular expression, quantifiers "{}" and meta-characters like "." and others can be use

  • Use search by radical < > when searching for an expression which you do not know a kanji but recognize some of it's radical example: <化>

  • When no results, add ".*" at the beginning or the end of your search

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