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EP RSS Reader for Android

1.4 GPL-3.0-only

Fast and clear RSS feed reader

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1.4 (29)
Prague Downtown Studio
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EP RSS Reader app

EP RSS Reader is Reading application that is open source under the GPL-3.0-only license.

Note: the app's repo was found empty around 1/2023, all source gone – so there won't be any updates anymore.

EP RSS Reader is a fast and clear reader of RSS feeds. It leads you to the information you interested in, without unnecessarily distraction.

Key Features:

  • Clear view of the RSS text and of course linking to the complete content in your web browser by click.
  • Fast synchronization of all feeds with the minimal data transmit (parallel downloading, without pictures and any other media).
  • Mark RSS as favorite using long click.
  • Low RAM usage and space in memory (compact app < 1 MB with automatic remove of the old RSS message).
  • No extra permission (only internet connection and start after boot).
  • Optional background synchronization every 30 minutes.
  • Optional dark and white Material design.
  • Fast adding of new RSS feed by one click (copy RSS link to clipboard and in the Settings click to add - see video).

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