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1.3.1 MIT

plays next/prev song instead of opening virtual assistant with 2 taps on earbuds

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1.3.1 (5)
Ori Kerer
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Double-Tap app

Double-Tap is Multimedia tool that is open source under the MIT license.

Airdots Double-Tap adds the functionality to plays next/previous songs on double-tap (On most earphones) instead of opening virtual assistant.

How to use (Refer to the screenshots):

  • Double tap the earbuds
  • The device will ask you with which app to complete the action
  • Select ’always with this app’
  • Enjoy

Play previous song:

  • Pause the media with one tap
  • Once the media is paused double tap

Skip Media Backwards twice:

  • In most media players When the song is not at the start and the user skip backwards the song rewind to the start instead of skipping back to the previous song
  • This options make the 'Play Previous song' functionality skip backwards twice in order to 'force' the media player to go to previous song

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