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Cyrillic Transliterator: Latin To Cyrillic for Android

5.5.1 GPL-3.0-only

Converts Latin to Cyrillic and vice versa.

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5.5.1 (61)
Michael Troger
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Cyrillic Transliterator app

This Latin to Cyrillic (Latinica to Ћирилица) transliterator converts a text based on the Latin-script to a text based on the Cyrillic script and the other way around. Supports the Serbian Azbuka, Russian (ISO 9:1995) and 5 more alphabets. But the conversion table is also extendable/completely customizable with the characters of your choice

Supports two different layouts:
-Latin and Cyrillic text side by side
-Single text field with auto-detection of text type

More features:
-The converted text can automatically be copied to the clipboard.
-All letters currently used for the conversion can be seen in a summing up
-Remembers inserted text even if you close the app and reopen it
-You can customize the alphabet of your choice or even build your own conversion alphabet from scratch
-Dark theme support - choose between light and dark theme

Includes the following alphabets for Latin to Cyrillic and Cyrillic to Latin conversion:
Serbian Azbuka
Belarusian (ISO 9:1995)
Bulgarian (ISO 9:1995)
Macedonian (ALA-LC)
Macedonian (ISO 9:1995)
Russian (ISO 9:1995)
Ukrainian (ISO 9:1995)

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