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Csound for Android 6.14.0 is Multimedia application that is open source under the LGPL-2.1 license.

Csound is an open source user-programmable software sound synthesizer of great power, originally created by Barry Vercoe at MIT in 1984. Users write instrument definitions in Csound’s orchestra language to render notes written in Csound’s score language, played on a MIDI controller, or generated within the orchestra or by some other programming language.

Csound contains a full complement of digital oscillators, samplers, filters, envelope generators, random number generators, physical models, sound granulators, phase vocoders, and other unit generators contributed for over 30 years by a community of musicians, programmers, and researchers from around the world.

This Android version of Csound provides a user interface with predefined sliders, buttons, and trackpad for real time control of instruments, or the user can write a custom user interface in HTML and JavaScript. The app integrates with text editors so that the app itself can be used to develop Csound pieces.

NOTE: Updates are currently disabled as the release raised APK size to over 3 times the limit for this repo. Further, development seems to have stopped around 6/2021.

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