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1.2.2 Apache-2.0

App that contains: clock, alarm, timer, stopwatch

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Clock is Time application that is open source under the Apache-2.0 license. Deskclock is a fork of the AOSP clock, so it offers all its functions: * alarms * clock * stop-watch * count-down "timer" (aka "tea timer") Additionally, it adds: * "Power-off alarm function" (alarm will ring with phone off, Snapdragon phones only, tested on LineageOS and should work on all AOSP ROMs; currently does not work on MIUI). *Flip and shake action for alarm Permissions used: * VIBRATE: enable vibration when the alarm sounds * WAKE_LOCK, DISABLE_KEYGUARD: alarm notification when the screen is turned off * POWER_OFF_ALARM: make the alarm sound when the phone is off (supported devices only) * RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: register alarms on device start * USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT: needed with Android 10+ to show the alarm screen when an alarm fires A more detailed description can be found in the repository's README.

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